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Behind the scenes November 7th, 2014

Five Years of Blikopeners: An incredible interaction

Every year, fifteen young people – the Blikopeners – make the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam their own. Now, with the peer-to-peer program in its fifth year, the moment has come to look back on what the program has achieved. And to discover how taking part in the program has affected the Blikopeners, the people they know, and the museum.


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Interview October 22nd, 2014


As part of its multi-year Global Collaborations programme, the Stedelijk Museum invited the Ghanaian artist Bernard Akoi-Jackson as an artist in residence. Akoi-Jackson has developed a project on the themes of culture and identity, in collaboration with the Stedelijk Museum’s ‘Blikopeners’. The Blikopeners are young people, aged 15 to 19, with a fresh view of art. They have diverse backgrounds, follow different studies and come from different Amsterdam neighbourhoods. Bram Verhoef, himself an up-and-coming art professional, is following the project (his first two reports are available here and here) and gives us a report.

installation shot

In this third and last report the focus is on the final episode of the project: the exhibition in the Blikopener Spot. Together with Bernard I look back at the project, taking the exhibition as a point of departure. How did the project evolve? I also spoke with two of the Blikopeners who were actively involved in the project. What were their experiences?

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